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Our goal is for everyone we work with and recruit at BedrockHR to live by our core values. We do this as we know that what we do everyday determines our reputation, the level of success we achieve, and the positive impact we can make on our clients teams.


The Bedrock team has many years of experience in inhouse HR roles across a range of sectors as well as providing advice and operational support to a range of Bedrock clients. We have all gained CIPD qualifications and have a high commitment to Continuous Professional Development as well as working closely with employment lawyers. This has provided a Bedrock of knowledge that our clients can depend on.


Our clients work within the framework of employment law and best practice. Although there are overlaps in how we work with clients we know that each organisation is different and has its own priorities, challenges and opportunities. We provide a service that considers the context in which each client operates and provide a bespoke service to match that context.


The people and the money are usually the most treasured assets in an organisation and we recognise the privilege that we have in advising and providing operational support in the management of our client’s biggest investment, their people. Trust is everything and the length of time that we have been working with many of our clients indicates that we are trusted to pride what is necessary in each situation.


Some HR advisers will only focus on the law and minimising risk at all costs. We will always seek to reduce the risks associated with employment but will also indicate when a calculated risk might be worth taking to achieve a desired outcome.


We work with our client’s management and teams to achieve the best outcomes in each situation. We also work with employment lawyers, coaches, accountants and other support services where relevant on our client’s behalf. We don’t have all of the solutions but working together we have often found solutions that work well for our clients and their teams.


Running an organisation can be stressful and lonely, especially if there is one leader. Our approach is to know our clients well enough to understand the support they need in each situation they face. A phone and video call, face to face meeting and the occasional discussion over a coffee or a drink have helped our clients to address their particular challenges and restored confidence and clarity.

Sometimes a client feels unable to support a team member who is facing a work or non-working challenge and we often provide a sounding board, listening ear and advice to the manager or team member who needs support.