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Organisational Structure

Bedrock has a strong background in developing  organisational structures that are robust and work well. Keeping accurate records of employment is essential and Bedrock have the tools to do this effectively.

Organisational Structures

As an organisation grows beyond two or three people there may be a need to have employees reporting to someone other than the owner / manager. Even in small teams a hierarchy of roles will quickly develop and assessing the skills and experience needed to perform a role as well as having a clear description of the role can be very helpful.

Organisation structures are rarely developed for when the organisation is formed but they extremely useful when thinking about pay, benefits, what can realistically be managed in one role and how people may develop once on board.

Job evaluation is a tool for ensuring that roles are pitched at the correct level of seniority and pay relative to other roles.

We have worked with organisations with five to two hundred and fifty employees to create clear organisational structures that enable employer and employee to see where they fit in and a progression route.

Equal pay claims are occasionally made based on a protected characteristic, usually gender. Having clearly defined roles in a structure with corresponding pay and conditions is the best way to defend such claims.



Organisational Structures London and South East
PeopleHR Professional Electronics System

Electronic Record Systems

Data protection is very important and failing to comply with regulations, including GDPR, can be costly. Keeping an amount of data relating to employees, former employees and applicants for employment is necessary, however how and where this is kept can either add to your risks or reduce them. 

We have helped create and maintain records for clients and currently use People HR, an electronic HR records system that is GDPR compliant and easy to set up and update.
People HR will enable access for individuals to their own records as well as limited access for nominated managers. Employees can change their names, addresses, next of kin details and can also book holidays through the system.

Not all Bedrock clients use People HR and we can work with existing systems as necessary. People HR subscriptions are relatively low cost and we can advise on how to get the best out of the system.