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Before we can help, we first need to understand your business

For any employer

Bedrock support a wide range of businesses and other organisations that can be found across all sectors working from physical shops, offices and factories  to an entirely online presence and many in between.

There is much that is unique about each client but also much that many have in common. At Bedrock we see this as a strength as we can draw on the best practice and experience gained in one place and spread it throughout our client base. 

We believe that we can add value to most organisations but have highlighted some scenarios below that illustrate specific areas of strength.  

Where is your organisation on its development journey? The following descriptions may help you to identify which services are most appropriate for you.

Professional Services

You may have a team in place, want to ensure your team is as productive and efficient as possible, and are at the stage where you are more vulnerable to experienced people leaving your team. 

Bedrock work with clients who have been been going for several years and who have benefited from refreshing the early years strategies and processes and created a culture where people join, stay and thrive, adding more value to the business.

HR Specialist for Startups

Start Ups & Scale Ups

ou may be employing for the first time, manage your own organisation and may have no previous people management experience. You may be nervous and need help to get it right first time. Bedrock love to be there in the early stages, creating systems and processes and building good habiits as well as talking through each step of recruitment, onboarding and ongoing development as well as addressing the curved balls that will inevitably arrive along the way.

Are there gaps in your HR provision? Let's work together to close them.

BedrockHR are leading HR Advisors in London and South East. Talk to BedrockHR today to discuss key areas of HR for your business, school or charity.

Education & Charities

You are a headteacher or school business manager and need HR support, or manage a charity and need to ensure value for money from your team and to minimise risk. 

You may still be dealing with the knock on effects of COVID on working arrangements. We have conducted many investigations as an external consultant and have helped clients to workout the best approach to addressing the conclusions and recommendations. 

We have a successful track record of mediating between colleagues and between managers and team members. Our fees are generally lower than those charged by lawyers providing a similar service.

Professional HR Services for Schools