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Employee Management

BedrockHR can support your business HR Function when it comes to employee management. Our services extend to Recruitment, Talent Management and Retention, Sickness and Absence and External Investigations.


Bringing people into the team is a key moment and one hire can make a big impact, for good or bad on the organisation, especially if it is small. Increasing the chances of making the right recruitment decisions is a key area for Bedrock and our clients.

Our starting point is to ensure that the role that is being recruited to is well defined, fits well with other roles and meets current needs, not simply recruiting like for like.

We look at the reward package proposed, how does it fit with other roles in the organisation and how likely is it to attract the right calibre of candidate. We ask whether the new appointment could result in upward pay drift.

We discuss where to advertise and the recruitment process, we can also design the advertisement and organise the campaign, we also work with recruiters.
We suggest a bespoke process including interview pre-work, testing, presentation and interview questions, we can also sit with the you in the interview (in person or on line).

We can make the offer, if preferred, handle any negotiation and manage the documentation as well as legal compliance required such as setting you up as a new employer. We can take up references as required.

We advise on and can manage the onboarding and probation processes.

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Talent Management & Retention

Once you have your new hire onboard the employment journey begins. Numerous surveys report that people ‘join an organisation but leave a manager’, Bedrock will help you to build a productive working relationship with your team members built on a win:win philosophy that makes a compelling case for staying with you whether or not you pay the highest salary.

We help you to translate your goals and objectives for each role in your team into SMART goals and KPIs. We give you the tools to measure and reward great performance.

We help you to build a culture where people feel valued and want to stay around.
We provide the data that is needed to ensure that your pay and benefits are competitive.

We conduct independent exit interviews so that you can learn why people leave and react positively.

Sickness and Absence

The Office for National Statistics survey indicated that in 2020 the number of working days lost to sickness was 3.6 days. This has decreased markedly from 2019 however homeworking, COVID infection and the lockdowns will have had an effect but this is difficult to quantify. Managing sickness absence has become more difficult as a result.

The top four reasons for absence include ‘minor illnesses’ (including coughs and colds), musculoskeletal pain (back, neck etc), other (a range including accidents) and mental health conditions (well documented in current times).

For employers sickness absence presents three main issues, one is productivity (getting the work done), a second is the risk to the individual and colleagues of working when ill and the third is the culture around sickness absence that can lean too far in either of these directions.

We work with employers to understand the circumstances of absence, spot trends and consider the options to managing, especially long term and repeat absences.
We develop policies for dealing with absence, protocols for reporting and discussing absence and we are often in the meeting / on the call with our clients and their employee.

We have access to occupational health services, health and safety and welfare / counselling professionals.

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Statutory leave (maternity, paternity, adoption, flexible working etc.)

The law states that there are a range of circumstances in which leave must be granted to employees and each has its own conditions attached.

We provide advice on implementing employer obligations as well as managing correspondence and cover arrangements. We also help clients to decide whether to enhance the statutory provisions.

As well as a legal right for employees to request flexible working, the lockdowns of the last two years has meant that flexible working has become expected in many sectors. If managed well, flexible working can support employee engagement, retention and wellbeing. Whether it is the total hours, the working pattern or the location of work, we will help you to decide on what is achievable without a negative impact on productivity.

External Investigations

There is often a requirement for an organisation to seek external support with investigating the circumstances that have led to complaints and grievances that may lead to disciplinary and capability action. We often take investigation instruction from Lawyers on behalf of their clients.

Sometimes an organisation lacks the time, capacity or expertise to manage investigations in house and sometimes the regulations of the organisation require an external investigator.

We have conducted investigations into events at schools, charities and private businesses, often against tight timescales. Our recommendations focus on the best outcome for the organisation and employee and where appropriate we may suggest mediation as an effective outcome following an investigation.

We are qualified mediators and are proud of the successes that we have achieved with mediation for our clients.

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The key benefit of using Bedrock to support all aspects of employee management is that we know what works based on many years of experience across many sectors. Although a close second is that you know that the relationship we build with your team means that we can jump in and support immediately when a situation arises.