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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is at the root of great performance and employee retention. There are many reasons why employees are not engaged and therefore don’t give of their best.

Understanding how engaged your team are takes some effort because people are not always willing to speak up, believing that doing so may damage their prospects or threaten their employment. Sometimes asking a third party to ascertain views and attitudes is more effective. We have carried out many employee engagement surveys and these usually provide useful information that can be used to make changes and/or change culture.

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Change Management

Many things can change over time in organisation including ownership, management, growth, reduction in size, reorganisation and key people joining or leaving.

We have managed all aspects of the change process in a larger more formal setting as well as changes that are simpler and involve responsibilities changing between a smaller number of colleagues.

Redundancy programmes are a form of change management and we have have managed many redundancy programmes that have involved one or two posts up to larger numbers in a variety of sectors.

Since the start of the pandemic most organisations have had to change in some way or other, sometimes reducing numbers and often involving the shift to working remotely and the resulting changes in management processes and approaches. We have advised on and managed these changes, often at short notice as organisations had to adapt quickly to conditions

Communicating information accurately, sensitively and with empathy is key to effective change management as well as having a process that is understood by all involved. Various risks are evident with any change process and we will ensure that these are understood and mitigated as far as is possible.

Team Building

Following change of any type the dynamics in a team will change. We encourage regular team building activities to help relationships between colleagues adjust and to build trust and confidence. Many organisations have needed new ways of building their team, especially when working remotely and we have worked successfully with clients across sectors to achieve this.

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Mental Health

Mental Health has rightly been a greater focus for employers throughout the pandemic. Helping colleagues with mental health during the lockdown periods presented additional challenges as it was less easy to see who was suffering. We worked with employers to create regular contact points, some to discuss work and other times to create a social space on line and in other instances simply to check in. The balance between showing care and being intrusive has been a hard one to strike and in general our clients have struck that balance.

Where specific mental health issues have surfaced, we have supported clients by assisting access to counselling services, occupational health and tailored plans for taking time out and returning to work.

Taking annual leave regularly is important for wellbeing and we have worked with clients to balance resistance to take leave during the lockdowns with desire to take leave as soon as restrictions were over.

Hybrid working is likely to remain popular and has significant mental health benefits, we look forward to helping to map out a route towards this with clients over the longer term.