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Dispute Resolution

Mediation has become a valuable tool in many areas of life including in the workplace. Mediation is a form of dispute resolution where individuals or groups of people are brought together by a mediator to present their thoughts and feelings about events or incidents and are encouraged to listen to the other point of view. The mediator will facilitate discussion and encourage individuals to settle their differences before recording the actions agreed.

When to use a Mediator

Mediation is appropriate where individuals wish to reach agreement following a dispute or disagreement. Mediation is possible between individuals at different levels of seniority as long as there is scope to make agreements. 

Mediation is unlikely to be suitable in conjunction with disciplinary action because outcomes are negotiated and not imposed.

Mediation is sometimes useful as a way of settling grievances and disagreements around particular working arrangements as well as to repair relationships that have faltered.

Bedrock has an experienced qualified mediator available to assist clients with disputes.


Leading Employer Mediation Services London and South East
Leading Employment Tribunals London and South East

Responding to Claims and Preparing for Tribunal

Responding to a claim made to the employment tribunal can be time consuming and stressful. We have completed the ET3 response form for clients as well as gathering associated paperwork. 

We can work with employment lawyers at the ET3 stage and in particular by gathering data and statements relating to claims, saving costs on lawyers time.

We can work with clients to formulate a settlement and complete COT 3 agreements through ACAS if appropriate.


The Bedrock team recognise that relationships can come under strain in any organisation. At one step removed we are in a good position to advise on how to address a range of situations and the skills and training to mediate where appropriate.