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A Practical Guide to Enhancing Business Productivity with HR Software

Did you know that using an HR software system like Breathe HR can increase productivity, staff engagement and reduce time spent on HR admin tasks?

What is HR software?

HR software is a management system for human resources to make managing your employees easier. HR software can automate processes and streamline systems that could usually take a lot of admin hours such as:

  • Managing and authorising annual leave
  • Tracking absence
  • Managing training and development records
  • Employee performance tracking
  • HR compliance

Most HR software systems are cloud-based, meaning employees can access their data from anywhere at any time on any device.

Why use a HR software system? 

By reducing the amount of time spent on HR admin tasks, you can free up time to spend on developing your business.

Some of the biggest benefits of investing in and implementing an HR software system for your company are:

Time saving:
By automating simple activities such as authorising and tracking holiday allowance, you could see an increase in overall productivity and work management.

Instant access to centralised data:
HR software systems can consolidate employee data in one place. This means everything you need to know about your employees can be readily available in one place. You can usually be logged in to the system from anywhere, which is especially beneficial for remote teams or employees who work from multiple locations.

Improved reporting:

Being able to spot trends in data can be key to improving productivity and reducing absence. For example, you may notice high rates of absence at a particular time of year, or day of week. Using HR software can make collecting and analysing the data easy by running reports based on the data. 

HR software can make it easier to develop and retain your employees:

Employee development can be easily tracked when using an HR system, which can log performance reviews, training, qualifications and objectives. You can automate reminders for managers to hold regular appraisals and one to one meetings, which can help improve employee engagement and retention.

Improved employee experience:

With access to their key information, employees can benefit from an improved overall experience, with the ability to log in and view personal holiday entitlement, training status and workplace policies and documents. This in turn saves time for managers who no longer need to respond to information that employees can access themselves.

Secure data:

As well as being accessible from anywhere, cloud-based HR systems also protect your data from physical disasters such as fire or flood. Ensure that you look for systems which have been ISO 27001 certified for the high level of security they provide.

Collaborate with a Trusted HR Partner for Your HR Software Needs

BedrockHR are experienced HR Partners and Silver Partners with BreatheHR. Contact our professional team today at 020 3330 0827 or [email protected] for a no-obligation discussion on how HR Software can enhance your business and employee management.

Benefits to using HR Software for your business

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